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Dilemma: The HR Benefits & Communication system used to administer Health, Dental, Vision, Life and FSA benefits has numerous gaps including lack of self-service, inadequate reporting for multi-employer needs, no file feed to G/L for invoicing and deposits, duplicated and inconsistent employee data between the benefit and payroll systems.

Solution:  Standardized the payroll, timekeeping and benefits to one single platform that supports a multi-employer environment, eliminates multiple feeds from 100+ entities for ACA reporting and provides a long term sustainable platform.

Result: Reduced payroll processing time by more than 50%,  significant reduction of payroll defects and moved to a single employee record.  Providing a means for measuring progress and increasing accountability.

Dilemma: High degree of customer backlog in processing orders caused by multiple technology platforms.

Solution: Standardized technology from multiple platforms to single core channels by line of business and implemented processes and methodologies using PMBOK practices.

Result: Reduced project cycle time from 22 days to 3 days, decreased defect rates by 68% and improved customer experience with a net cost savings of $1.8M.

Difficulty for the N. American Sales force to efficiently meet with physicians and medical staff due to aging technology. Delayed communications with home office and inefficient consolidation of client account data to help drive sales strategies.

Solution: Converted from Siebel to iSales CRM to enable the N. American sales staff with mobile technology. Enabled integrated technology across the sales force and back office.

Result: Decreased office time and increased sales rep and doctor visit ratios resulting in $4.5M annualized savings.

Dilemma: Loss of market share for leadership product in domestic and international markets.

Solution: Re-prioritized resources and alignment strategy by identifying gaps in regulatory environment, platform architecture and customer demand.

Result: Increased market share by 21%, re-positioning corporate sales strategy.

Enterprise Platform Analysis

Here are just a few examples of how Amazing Traditions, LLC is making a difference in many of our client’s day-to-day operations.

The decision to hire a consultant to help us through the RFP process for a new  technology platform was an important one. Selecting Amazing Traditions as our partner in the process was transformational.

   - Human Resource Director, Archdiocese in KC, KS

Attention to detail and unique ability to see beyond the obvious saved us more than $1M in capital costs.

                               VP, Sales & Marketing

Turned a loss leader product into a leading revenue stream, increasing annualized sales by $12M. ”

                              VP, Product Development

BPI (Business Process Intelligence) Strategy Development



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HRIS (Human Resource Information Systems) Solution


Goes above and beyond to achieve results!

                    Director, Contract Pricing

Amazing Traditions took the time to understand our business,  teach the team how to look for root causes and be adaptable to change and advocate for the change necessary to achieve the desired vision, we were able to change our initial approach and save time and money by not going down the wrong path.

   - CFO, Archdiocese in KC, KS


Enterprise Platform Analysis


Community Needs Assessment (Hope Works Initiative)

Dilemma: Conduct a study and assessment that concentrates on youth, children’s shelters, social services offices, recreation and churches. The expectation will allow for the Salvation Army to help determine the best neighborhoods for their centers and help determine where decreased or increased programming may be most effective.


•  Assessed the current and anticipated future human services needs which could impact the Army’s operations and its opportunity for improved/expanded services

• Identified unmet/under served community needs
• Identified strengths, weaknesses and opportunities given other available community resources
• Revealed public’s awareness and perception of The Salvation Army’s operations
• Provided information about socioeconomic trends and projections which could impact future operations
• Provided information regarding the plans of key service providers which could lead to an overlap or duplication of services
• Determined if our current location is adequate to meet community needs or if other locations could be more suitable

Result: Provided specific recommendations for The Salvation Army that will result in improved services, program outcomes, funding, facility, staffing, program needs and opportunities.  Identified potential partnerships opportunities with other service providers 

Throughout the process, Amazing Traditions was easy to work with, consistent communication and thorough in collecting the information we needed.  Their findings have helped us create our strategy for effectiveness, growth and sustainability for the future. ”

   - Divisional Commander and Metro Kansas Mission Strategist,
The Salvation Army, KC, MO